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20 Brand-Side UX Professionals Reveal How They Are Creating Conversion-Boosting User Experiences & User-Centred Digital Customer Experiences

Drive Cultural Change & Harness Cutting-Edge Technologies To Put UX At The Heart Of The Organisation: Conversion-Boosting User Experiences & User-Centred Digital Customer Experience Strategies

Prove Your Worth & Win Buy-In To Put Your Users At The Centre Of Research, Design & Digital Customer Experience Strategies With Agile Techniques, Accessible Design & Value-Adding Technology Innovations

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 27th November 2018, Museum of London Docklands, London

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Speed Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks


09.15 Effectively Educate Your Organisation On Your Worth & Value Business-Wide To Drive UX Maturity & Impact

  • Pragmatically drive UX enthusiasm company-wide, put users at the heart of your organisation for smoother experiences across all channels
  • Ensure your hard work doesn’t go amiss: let colleagues know how valuable your function is to boost UX maturity and implement learned practices
  • Educate big budget stakeholders on technical UX to drive enthusiasm from the top
  • Don’t let your organisation get left behind! Ensure you are teaching the importance of UX to avoid legacy problems down the line

09.20 Perspective One

Andy Muddimer | Head of Digital Customer Experience  | Santander UK

Tom Paget | Customer Experience Designer Santander UK

09.40 Perspective Two

Claudia Knowles | Digital Content Strategist | Breast Cancer Care


10.00 Spearhead Your Organisation’s User-Centric Cultural Transformation! Collaborate Internally For Smooth & Consistent User & Digital Customer Experiences

  • Learn how to collaborate with traditional job roles brilliantly to ensure your users’ experiences are first-class
  • Redesign and integrate the array of teams needed to improve efficiency and create valuable user experience across the board
  • Be a part of the UX strategy from the beginning: use your job role to really make a change in the internal structure of your company

Gavin Elliott | Head of Interaction & Service Design | Department For Work & Pensions

10.20 Interactive Q&A Panel: Spearhead Your Organisation’s User-Centric Cultural Transformation! Collaborate Internally For Smooth & Consistent User & Digital Customer Experiences

Viola Wontor | User Experience Lead, Digital Solutions & Emerging Technologies | Pfizer UK 

Richard Beaumont | Head of Digital Design | Direct Line Group 

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Make connections, put your name on the map! Exchange CVs and network with others to explore new, exciting opportunities industry-wide


11.10 Successfully Implement Agile Working From The Beginning For Increased Efficiency, Without Leaving Quality Behind

  • Real-world examples of successful agile implementation, how can you ensure your organisation understands that UX is for long-term strategies?
  • Discover how to transform your UX strategies from waterfall into agile working for optimum efficiency
  • Make agile work for you: pragmatically ensure your designs don’t suffer at the hands of quick delivery

Richard Beaumont | Head of Digital Design | Direct Line Group


Prove Your Worth! Capture Senior Stakeholder Attention & Budget With Measurable, Value-Adding User & Digital Customer Experience Strategies To Begin To Actively Shape Your Organisation

  • Build a winning UX case: motivate the right people about the potential of outstanding user experiences to achieve increased investment and confidence
  • Practical techniques to overcome resistance in senior or traditional teams
  • Are traditional performance measures out of date? Think outside the KPI box to accurately determine the true success of your strategies
  • Harness data and statistics to prove ROI through conversion rates and repeat purchases for increased investment and enthusiasm

11:35  Perspective One

Carl Burton | Head of Product | Co-op Digital

12.05 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner | To get involved with The Digital Customer Experience & User Experience Conference please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email for more details


12.25 Get Ahead Of The Technology Curve: Real-World Applications Of Emerging Technologies Such As VR, AR, Chatbots, Voice Technologies & AI & How They Fit Into & Improve Your Users’ Experiences

  • What up-and-coming technology has caught people by surprise and how will this shape the way UX works now and in the future?
  • Take advantage of the opportunities arising from AI’s place in your users’ lives and live up to consumer behaviour trends and expectations for optimum designs and exceptional experiences
  • Ensure you don’t get lost in the buzz of new tech! Realise where the human touch is needed and where technology just won’t cut it
  • How can you prove the worth of new, untried technologies and get the buy-in needed for investment?

Amjad Khan | Director, Digital Solutions & Emerging Technology – Europe | Pfizer UK

Anthony Flack | Head of Digital Delivery, Customer Insight & Needs | Santander UK

James Brindley-Raynes | Global Product Manager Staff Digitisation | HSBC


12.55 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Partners & Delegates

13.25 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussion Zone

Design Systems

Radu Chelariu | Product Design Manager | Paddy Power Betfair

User Testing • Voice Technologies • Mobile-First • Behavioural Trends • Chatbots

Further Discussion Leaders To Be Announced, Please Check Website For Updates

13.55 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Stuart Jones, Senior Product Owner,  KFC UK & Ireland


14.05 Master Your UX Research From The Start: What Are The Best Approaches & Tools Needed To Guarantee An Objective, Insightful Result Which Will Bring Benefits Company-Wide?

  • Determine the value of researching well and translate this into numbers which prove its ability to help the company transform
  • How can you tackle the demands for lighter, quicker research techniques in line with agile working and still gather full, detailed insights?
  • Best-in-class methodologies: how do others actually go about doing effective, objective research?
  • What tools are on the market to find information and make your UX research easier and more efficient?

James Barley | Head of UX Research | Auto Trader UK


14.30 Exploring The Challenges & Opportunities Created By The Rise Of Voice Technologies

  • Identifying and taking advantage of emerging opportunities as voice-activated technologies become more integrated into day-to-day life (and the potential drawbacks!)
  • How will voice interaction change the way content is written and displayed?
  • Building the business case to secure investment in voice search technologies

James Poulter | Head of Emerging Platforms & Partnerships | Formally LEGO


14.55 UX From A Standing Start - Numicon IWB Software Case Study

Numicon Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Software is a flexible tool for teaching mathematics in primary schools using simulated physical objects. In developing this service the project team made a concerted effort to improve on past practice and place users at the centre of the design process. The team sought out teachers for user research and usability testing and came to understand the unique requirements that would make for a useful, and delightful, teaching tool.

This session will cover the steps taken by the Numicon IWB Software project team as we moved from a culture of ‘unintentional UX’ to understanding our users and their needs — and how this impacted upon the eventual software design.

Topics: Steps towards UX maturity, determining users’ pain points in existing experiences, usability testing, interactive prototyping, interaction design and information architecture for IWB.

Seb Burge | Head Of UX/UI Design - EdUKOxford University Press

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

DESIGN IMPACT - Double Perspective

15.50 Get To Grips With Design Thinking To Create Sleek, Simple, Innovative Designs For Excellent Internal & External Experiences Using The Best Tools & Systems On The Market

  • Harness new and familiar tools for conversion-boosting designs in difficult areas to expand your reach
  • Skilfully determine what your users’ pain points and behavioural patterns are in existing experiences and how you can work to successfully combat these for great service design
  • UX is more than just a pretty picture: master design-thinking, design psychology, empathetic design and information architecture for polished user experiences that actually deliver

Anna Faithfull | Digital Content & Experiences Manager | British Heart Foundation

Cassio Camanho | Director, Product & Design | Expedia™ Partner Solutions (EPS)


16.40 Don’t Narrow Your Reach! Secure Buy-In To Harness Tools & Inclusive Design Techniques Which Will Make You Truly Accessible To All

  • Embed accessible, inclusive design into your company priorities to avoid missing out on large portions of the market and increase the bottom line
  • Discover the plethora of different tools, such as voice technologies, available for accessible experiences which improve your reach
  • Test your users’ accessibility needs to create the best design framework for your website

Scott Room | Head of Digital – Enterprise | BT

17.05 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference