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How much money did my homepage hero banner generate this week and is that more or less than last week?
Does my burger menu or my search bar drive higher conversion on my mobile site?
Why is the basket to checkout dropout so big?
Why are my returning visitors struggling to fill a particular form?

Businesses facing these questions often rely on traditional analytics for answers. But traditional analytics can only tell you what customers are doing on your site, not why and how they’re doing it. Some have used session replay tools to attempt to understand behaviour, but the same frustrations arise.

ContentSquare displays aggregated user journeys visually, enabling retailers to understand why customers are leaving their site as well as measure the revenue and behavioural contribution of any ‘block’ of content. We help you understand your golden or broken customer journeys, feed actionable insights to test hypothesis and recognise why tests are winning or inconclusive.

We do this through UX KPIs such as hesitation and float time (to assess interest and engagement) and click repetition (identifying frustration can give clues to customer intent and the efficiency of content).

We sit between traditional analytics suites (such as GA Premium) and testing / personalisation tools, ensuring you test less but more effectively, saving you money and importantly, time.

We work with 200+ customers globally including Sainsbury’s, Ralph Lauren, Avis, Holland and Barratt, Matchesfashion, Harvey Nichols,, Hertz and IKEA . Last year we helped Clarks drive an additional £2.4 million+ in ARR by helping them to quickly identify underperforming areas of their website.